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This was the 1st time I had played at The Norton Grange Hotel & Spa and what made especially memorable was that fact that I had been booked all day. So I had been trusted with the ceremony, Wedding breakfast and the evening music. The weather had bee terrible all week, but the the sun shone on this Saturday, and everyone was in good spirits.

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The bride looked lovely and everything went without a hitch. The party was due to finish at Midnight but we called it a day finally at 00.45, It had been a long day but everyone, including myself had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just a word of note the room looked fabulous in a Pink & Cream* and this was down to the great work done by W.O.W.

These First 2 pictures are from the Ceremony Set Up. First being down the room to show how unobtrusive I can be.

With great Clarity and projection from my speakers it didn't need to be loud while people where waiting for them to hear a nice bit of music to keep the atmosphere soft and gentle. But had enough oomph to add the importance and grandeur for the Isle tune as the bride walked towards here husband to be.

Norton Grange ceremony Music   Norton Grange Service Desk


The Happy couple had requested some music for when the room was turned around, so installed by small and compact system, which again just added to the lightness of moment. This was kept running all day & night so when anyone went to the bar area to relax a little,  they had some nice tunes playing softly in the background.

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                       Norton Grange

Just putting the finishing touches to the room for the meal. As you can see from these 2 pictures I have re-arranged the speakers as again, just a little ambient music was requested for during the meal, and but some projection for the speeches was required due to the layout of the room.

Norton grange Wedding Breakfast   Norton Grange DJ

Once again re-arranging my set-up after the wedding breakfast to allow as much room as possable for the dance floor.

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                       Norton Grange Wedding DJ

Norton Grange Wedding DJ    Manchester Wedding DJ First Dance

Bride Dancing at Norton Grange   Bride and Groom Dancing at Norton Grange

Guests Dancing at Nroton Grange manchester   Guest dancing at Norton grange Rochdale

                                   At the end of the nigth at Norton Grange


Overall it was a great day, the bride and groom retired a little bit before midnight as it had been a very long but lovely day. The rest of the guests stayed until gone 1 as some where still up when I had finished loading. It took 3 different layouts  to make sure the bride and groom got what they wanted, The Norton Grange staff where very accommodating, And  great day was had by all. Success all round.

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