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         Below is A selection of different scenarios where My Venue Lighting has helped create the desired effect regarding the atmosphere and subtle background during the day and the night. These have mainly been used for wedding venues, where the lighting can be colour coordinated to match the room colour theme you have chosen.

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          Other times it has been used like at Clough Manor, which was for a birthday party, and The Park Royal was for a fundraising event, so whatever your event please consider these fantastic additions. These can be programmed to match your colour scheme of the room, they can then be switched over to party mode later, i.e. a gentle colour scroll, or kept on your chosen colour.

             Pink venue lighting in Arley Hall           red venue lighting in Chill factor           Blue venue lighting in Moorside grange

                I now offer 3 different packages for these lights for different budgets and needs.

There are some examples on this page but if you click thru the Specific Venue Up-Lighting Package links, you will a few more pictures of the venue lighting in action.

Micro Venue Lighting Package - Up to 4 lights - Placed along the back wall £75

Mini Venue Lighting Package - Up to 8 lights - Placed along back wall and around the dance floor £125

Full Room Venue Lighting Package - Price on request subject to on site survey.

   The Micro & Mini packages are only available in conjunction with a Disco/DJ package.

     I can usually meet up with you before you decide, sometimes at the venue, to give you an idea of what effect the lighting can give, and to choose your colour. This way you know whether or not it will be suitable for you at your venue. I am also very honest as to whether or not you will get the best out of it. I.E. If you have an old stately home with all Old Mahogany wood work around the room, the venue lighting won't give the same effect as an all white Marquee, also having the venue lighting in a town hall with big large windows with no curtains in the middle of July would also be unadvisable.

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If you have any questions about the venue Uplighting then, please ask about me about how my Wedding Venue Lighting Service can make your event even more memorable.....

Micro Venue Lighting Package Examples

Purple Venue lighting in Barlte hall wedding venue  Blue Venue lighting in White hart wedding venue

multiple colour Venue lighting in rochdale rugby club wedding venue  pink Venue lighting in moorside grange wedding venue

Mini Venue Lighting Package Examples

Orange Venue lighting in Arley hall wedding venue  blue Venue lighting in Barlte hall wedding venue

orange and Purple Venue lighting in Barlte hall wedding venue  blue Venue lighting in dukingfield golf club wedding venue


Full Room Venue Lighting Packages Examples

                              Manchester Wedding DJ

Pink Venue lighting in clough manorl wedding venue  Purple Venue lighting in Cheadle Village hotel wedding venue

Purple Venue lighting in cheadle school wedding venue  Green Venue lighting in cheadle school wedding venue


Clough Manor, Saddleworth

This is a Before and After shot. It looks nice enough dressed out with the table decorations and chair coves but once you switch off the house lights and turn mine on you can see it changes the feel of the room completely. The full venue uplighting option was chose for a birthday party so don't feel you can't have it just because your not having a wedding!!!

Venue Lighting at clough manor saddleworth   purple Venue Lighting at clough manor saddleworth


The Park Royal, Cheshire

This time the Full Venue Lighting Package was booked for a charity fundraiser, They wanted the pink for this one, but I wired it up just to show what you can achieve by having different colours and mixed colours as well. So let your imagination run wild with my venue lighting options.....

blue venue lighting at The Park Royal hotel, Cheshire   pink venue lighting at The Park Royal hotel, Cheshire

green venue lighting at The Park Royal hotel, Cheshire   green and red venue lighting at The Park Royal hotel, Cheshire


Talking Point, Saddleworth, Lancashire

It's only a small room upstairs in Talking point but even so with the Mini Venue Lighting Package you can see what a difference can be archived buy just a few lights.

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blue venue lighting at Talking Point, Saddleworth    green venue lighting at Talking Point, Saddleworth

pink venue lighting at Talking Point, Saddleworth    silver / white venue lighting at Talking Point, Saddleworth


Marquee, Wedding set-up

This was the Mini Venue Lighting package again, just around the dance floor end of the marquee, and what a difference it made. The venue lighting really help create a party end of the room without having loads of 'Disco' Lighting flashing around.

Blue venue lighting in wedding Marquee,    green venue lighting in wedding Marquee,

red venue lighting in wedding Marquee,    pink venue lighting in wedding Marquee,


Corporate Set-up

This is the micro venue lighting package, where they were having a meal and disco, and they didn't want a night club look, but they wanted some lighting at the 'FUN' end of the room, and in this case my venue lighting was just what they were after.

                                         Manchester Wedding DJ

Green venue lighting   Blue venue lighting


Just as side note,

Venue Lighting is also known as Mood Lighting, Uplighting, Venue Uplighting, Venue Mood Lighting, Painting the venue with Light, and all sorts, but it's still the same. Don't worry. They all light up the venue walls to help the Mood / Atmosphere of your wedding or event with out the need for paint! It can get confusing out there and after being asked a few times about 'mood lighting'  and stuff I thought it was only right to clear up a few of the quires about the lighting service. More up-lighting and other lighting services available click the link  - Lighting By David Lee

*Up-lighting Offer applies to new disco & DJ bookings only, and for rooms that require up to 30 Lighting units. This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other up-lighting offer. Please call for further details.

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