Wellington School Prom '09

                                             Better than last year!!!!

    For the 2nd year running I have been lucky enough to have been asked to do the disco at the Holiday Inn Manchester Airport for the Wellington School, Altrincham, Year 11 Prom, and this years theme was James Bond, and as you will see from the pictures, everyone enjoyed themselves, including me and my roadie. Was the best gig we have ever done, even surpassing last year excellent crowd. So hat's of to all you year 11's. I hope you enjoyed the glow sticks, guitars and these pictures, and hopefully i'll see some the teachers next year, and I kept my promise to keep my mouth closed, and what happends in the teachers changing room, stays in the teachers changing room!!!!!WINK WINK (those history teachers!!!!!)

























                                               David 'Bond' Lee

                                                      Lee 'Oddjob' Redfern,


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